Know the herbs

Scientific name

Andrographis paniculata



Local name

Hempedu bumi, akar cerita, king of bitter, bidara


This plant is an erect annual herb, up to 1 m tall. The leaves are simple, opposite, lanceolate, pointed at ends, 5–8 cm long. It has quadrangular leaves with longitudinal furrows and numerous long divaricate branches. The flowers are small and solitary, pale but blotched and spotted with brown and purple colours 10–30 mm long. The fruit is a capsule, linear, oblong and acute at both ends, thinly glandular-hairy, cracks into two when mature, small and glabrous (Medicinal Herbs & Plant Database 2010-2015).


It’s leaves are used to treat gastrointestinal tract and upper respiratory infections, fever, sore throat and a variety of other chronic and infectious diseases (Chopra et al. 1956). Hempedu bumi also has been used in folk medicine in patients with diarrhea or dysentery and wounds caused by snake-bites and stings of insects (Burkil 1935).

Malaysia Herbal Monograph (source: Globinmed)