Know the herbs

Scientific name

Labisia pumila



Local name

Kacip Fatimah, selusuh Fatimah, kunchi Fatimah, bunga belangkas hutan, kachit Fatimah


Labisia pumila is a slow-growing herbaceous plant with height of approximately 10–40 cm. The leaves are spirally arranged and dark green with lighter shade of green at their margins. The petioles are slightly flattened. The flower is hermaphrodite, glabrous with white or pinkish white colour (Medicinal Herbs & Plant Database 2010–2015).


Kacip Fatimah is one of the most popular ingredients used in traditional herbal preparations or ‘jamus’ for afterbirth care. It is used to maintain a healthy female reproductive system, to help tighten and lubricate, and to enhance sexual function (Vimala 2013). In Malaysia, water decoction of the root is traditionally consumed by the Malay women for induction and facilitation of labour (Burkill 1966).

Malaysia Herbal Monograph (source: Globinmed)