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Scientific name

Phaleria macrocarpa


Phaleria macrocarpa

Local name

Mahkota dewa, drug lord, pau (drug heritage), crown god


Phaleria macrocarpa is a dense evergreen tree, indigenous to Indonesia and Malaysia. Its height ranges from 5 to 18 m with greenish bark and white wood (Abdullah et al. 2014). It has green, tapered leaves. The flowers are made up of two to four petals, and range from green to maroon in colour.


Part of the Indonesian community has used mahkota dewa fruit pulp for cancer treatment (Rahmawati et al. 2006). Traditionally, mahkota dewa is used by local as a herbal drink to treat illnesses such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes mellitus (Kurnia et al. 2008)

Malaysia Herbal Monograph (source: Globinmed)