Know the herbs

Scientific name

Morinda citrifolia



Local name

Mengkudu, noni, Indian mulberry, hai ba ji, wu ning luo ling kuo (Chinese)


Morinda citrifolia is an evergreen shrub or small crooked tree with a conical crown. The leaves are large, simple, alternate and broadly elliptic-lanceolate. It has fragrant flowers, about 75–90 in ovoid to globose heads. The heads develop into compound fruits composed of many small drupes. The fruits are ellipsoid, waxy and fleshy. Despite the smell of putid cheese when ripe, the fruits are eaten raw or prepared, as are the leaves (Medicinal Herbs & Plant Database 2015–2015).


Mengkudu fruit has been reported to have a broad range of health benefits for cancer, infection, athritis, diabetes, asthma, hypertension and pain (Whistler 1992). It is traditionally used for sore throat, boils, stomach ulcer and inflamed elbow. The unripe fruit has been used for gum disorders (Burkill 1966, Morton 1992).

Malaysia Herbal Monograph (source: Globinmed)