Know the herbs

Scientific name

Gynura procumbens



Local name

Sambung nyawa, kecam akar, dewa raja, akar sebiak, leaves of the gods


Gynura procumbens is a fast-growing annual herb. This plant grows approximately 10–25cm tall, is highly branched with hairy green leaves that are alternately arranged on hairy purple stem. The leaves are bright to darker green in colour, rather smooth to the touch. It produces purple tubular bisexual flowers (Medicinal Herbs & Plants Database 2010–2015).


Traditionally, the plant has been used among others as poultices or boiled extracts to treat ailments ranging from skin conditions and fevers to kidney disease and diabetes. Even the leaves of the plant are eaten raw for overall health (Vejanan et al. 2012). Sambung nyawa is also reported to be useful for hypertension, anti-inflammation and colon cancer (Perry 1980, Ong et al. 2011).

Malaysia Herbal Monograph (source: Globinmed)