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Scientific name

Piper betle



Local name

Sirih, sireh, betelvine


Piper betle is a perennial dioecious, aromatic creeper with roots at the nodes. The branches of the plant are swollen at the nodes. The plant has alternate, heart-shaped, smooth, shining and long-stalked leaves, with pointed apex. The stem has a conspicuous stout node with strictly one simple leaf on each node (Medicinal Herbs & Plants Database 2010–2015).


The leaves are known for their wound-healing property (Rahman 2009). In Indian traditional system of medicine, the leaves are identified with digestive and pancreatic lipase stimulant activities. Chewing of the sirih made into a betel-liquid is used for ‘pirai’ (i.e. gouty arthritis) disease. The decoction is applied as lotion to the women after childbirth (Burkill 1935).

Malaysia Herbal Monograph (source: Globinmed)